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Terms of Usage

Welcome all... to the Lunch Box Hero Audio Forums - Here are a few guidelines to ensure the success of our community:

1. General Forum Etiquette - Clean and Professional Please.

We all "know it when we see it" and if we see it - verbal/visual or otherwise - it will be removed by the admin/mods.

LunchBoxHero will make every effort to delete any posts containing any racial/gender/sexual intolerance.

Any material, verbal or visual, that is offensive or sexually suggestive or explicit in nature is subject to deletion.

Use of profanity is discouraged.

Please refrain from personal conflicts, "flame wars" / "bashing" etc. of any member or their opinions. Exceedingly harsh, inflammatory, and/or unsubstantiated statements are not allowed. Life is full of disagreements, but we can always try to be civil and factual.

Posts that inappropriately diss / defame / demean etc. a manufacturer/product or other forum members are not allowed.

Do not publish private or confidential information, here-say or otherwise, such as legal documents, personal communications etc. (such as email correspondence) or otherwise use the forum to air disputes that should be kept private.

Please do not use this forum to "flush out" or "punish" a manufacturer or member that has not responded to a support request or somehow offended you. In this age of rampant SPAM there may be legitimate reasons why members or manufacturers may not respond. We suggest you call them).

We hope to have many manufacturers join in and participate in the community, so it is of course acceptable to initiate civil dialog here on the forum with those that are participating.

2. Posting of Copyrighted or Proprietary Info. As this forum has some areas that are technical in nature and may include proprietary information, please use your best judgement when posting specifications, documents, or photos that you may not be the rightful owner of.* To the extent we want the manufacturers and developers to participate and support this forum, if you have a question, please PM me or post on the forum and I will be happy to email and request permission on behalf of

If any manufacturer requests that info/docs/or pics be removed, admin will do so and note the reason so that you know why your contribution was edited.

3. Liability. Forums on are considered by laws that govern internet usage as a "distributor" of 3rd party content and is therefore limited in liability for content posted on the forum. That "3rd Party" is, of course, you our members, and these rules are designed protect us and you from legal challenge. Please be careful, responsible, do not defame or libel any parties, and remember that you post at your own risk and are ultimately responsible for your participation here.

4. Have Fun and Make More Music!

* Some examples

posting a link to a picture on a manufacturer's website is fine

posting a picture you took of your API 512 mic pre in your API 6B lunchbox is fine.

posting a picture grabbed from a manufacturer's website without permission is questionable, but in most cases manufacturers do not object as it is commonly done on forums and serves to promote awareness of their product.

posting pictures (that you took) of the guts of your favorite module is usually OK, but in some cases a manufacturer may request that the picture be removed in order to protect their intellectual property (design or copyrighted circuits).

posting a copyrighted schematic or similar is not a good idea without the manufacturer's permission.

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